Sarah’s Hire crowd control barriers/ pedestrian barriers are 1.1 meters high and 2.3 meters long.

Sarah’s Hire, crowd control barriers also named pedestrian barriers used mainly for public events and to stop people going into some areas. They are frequently visible at sporting events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations, and outdoor festivals. Event organisers, venue managers, and security personnel use crowd control barriers as part of their crowd management planning.

At Sarah’s Hire, the hire cost of just 94p + vat, per week, per crowd control barrier. To hire your crowd control barriers from Sarah’s Hire email hire@sarahhire.co.uk or call 0203 935 6851


Price from 94p + VAT per panel

Crowd control barriers act as a physical barrier, used to demarcate “no access” zones, and to designate space for queues. These crowd control barriers are most effective when they are interlocked using the “hook and eye” connected on the outside edge of each steel barrier. When pedestrian barriers are interlocked, security personnel can create lines of barriers that are exceedingly difficult to penetrate. This is because when the crowd controls barriers are interlocked, they become stronger and cannot be easily knocked over.

Sarah’s Hire crowd control barriers are particularly strong because they have a singular piece of tube making up the entire frame, resulting in only one joint. They also have extraordinarily strong crowd barrier legs, meaning they can take the weight of people standing on them.

At Sarah’s Hire we favour this more robust barrier, as damage to crowd barriers is most often caused by site machinery or the public. We have found that these safety barriers are extremely popular amongst event organisers and we have supplied events ranging from music festivals to agricultural shows with our crowd control barriers. The ability to reuse these barriers time and time again also makes them a firm favourite for construction firms and home builders, who use crowd barriers in order to more efficiently manage site work and keep both civilians and the workforce safe in and around construction works. Sarah’s Hire pedestrian barriers are also extremely popular amongst nightclubs and other busy venues to help organise and control entrance and exit.

The fixed leg crowd control barriers have the four feet welded to the frame of the crowd barrier, these crowd barrier legs are splayed, making them easy to stack & maximise your storage space. The fixed leg crowd barrier feet also have domed ends, to make sure there are no sharp edges to potentially hurt someone.


Effective ways to keep vehicles away from pedestrian areas include:


Protective barriers

Where needed, provide suitable barriers or guard rails:

At entrances and exits to buildings.

At the corners of buildings; and

To prevent pedestrians from walking straight on to roads.



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